Sunday, May 6, 2012

This Guy Offered Me a Terrible Deal in Fantasy Baseball

Disclaimer: This post isn't directly about Philly sports.
If you like fantasy sports, maybe you can appreciate this.

I'm in a fantasy baseball league with my brother, a couple of friends and a couple friends of friends.  I know about half the people in the league.

There is always that one guy who thinks he's better than everyone else.  In my league, this guy is full of himself and thinks he is all that even though this is his first year in this particular league. And he offers some of the worst trades I've ever seen.  

Tonight, he offered me the worst one.  He wants Justin Verlander in exchange for Melky Cabrera and Bryce Harper.

Justin Verlander is easily a top 3 pitcher in the entire league, especially fantasy-wise.  He was my second round pick and the ace of my (I think)pretty impressive pitching staff.  Pitching is mostly what I base my team off of, a lot of people want big hitters and focus on pitchers later in the draft.  I usually draft better pitchers more near the beginning of the draft so I can win most pitching categories.

Melky Cabrera isn't a bad player. I had him last year and contributes in a lot of different categories.  My outfield is already pretty good (McCutchen, Victorino and Hart) so he would only be a utility player on my team.
Bryce Harper is one of the most can't-miss prospects in baseball history, but he is just that, a prospect. He's only 19 years old. I don't know if he'll even stay up the rest of the year.  Even though he brings a lot of energy and probable production, I don't know if he'll get sent down if he slumps.  Harper will be a great player in the future, but there are just two many question marks for now.

Harper, in a keeper league, is a very prized possesion, but in a redraft league, he simply isn't worth nearly as much.  Especially not worth Justin Verlander even with Melky Cabrera. (On a side note, did you see Jason Werth's wrist/hand injury today? Pretty gruesome)

This guy is the worst and he deserves no respect for continuing to offer these crap deals and then complain about it.

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