Sunday, May 6, 2012

At least I can respect the Devils

The Devils have outplayed the Flyers the past 3 games, it's as simple as that.  The Flyers haven't played to their potential at all this series and it pains me to say this but unless the Flyers can find a way to play like they are capable of, the Devils deserve to win this series.  I have a few friends who are Devils fans and they would be shocked to hear me say that.

We got in our own heads, the defensive play was lousy, we tried too much when trying to get the puck in their zone and we couldn't capitalize on the few opportunities we did have.  Add all of those up and that equals a loss.

If there was one positive for the Flyers, it was Ilya Bryzgalov.  The Devils were firing shots all night and for the most part, Bryz held them off.  In my opinion, he was the best player on the ice for either team.  Truth be told, the Devils did have some nice goals that no goalie would have stopped, but Bryz single-handedly kept the Flyers in this game.  It's nice to know that he still has the magic from when he led the Coyotes to the playoffs a few times.

The future is looking bright for Ilya Bryzgalov and the Flyers, but we're gonna need a miracle to win this series.
Time for some jam.

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