Sunday, May 13, 2012

Osi Umenyiora? Give Me a Break

Osi Umenyiora and LeSean Mccoy got into a twitter argument over the summer last year and McCoy called Osi soft because in just one year, he went down to third on the Giants depth chart.  Now Osi sends out this tweet because he thinks he's cool. 

I get that the Giants just won their second Super Bowl this decade but come on, showing any amount of class would be nice.  Yea, I'm an Eagles fan. Yea, we've never won a Super Bowl. But seriously, what do you gain from this Osi? You just look immature and as Nationals GM Mike Rizzo would say, "fake tough." 

Did Osi really wait until today just so he can call McCoy a girl again? Even though he is one of the top running backs in the league and can break his ankles any day of the week? Grow up Osi, what are you, 12?

A friend of mine is a Giants fan.  He said, "I hate when players create unnecessary drama."  Osi may be a good second string guy, but he is supposed to be a leader. (Obvious bias alert)This doesn't seem like a good trait for a locker room leader. Is John Pierre Paul going to start making fun of other players soon?

I have no respect for Osi Umenyiora.  You're supposed to be a professional. 

Note: I understand I am being unprofessional here, but this is a blog. I have no expectations, like Osi. I am not a professional. Osi is a joke.

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