Thursday, May 31, 2012

Chris Therien Tweeted at Me!!!

Chris Therien, one of my favorite Flyers players growing up replied to a tweet I sent him today.

When I was growing up, me and my brother had these Flyers lockers where we could store our stuff.  On the front, there was a space where you can put stickers up so you can have your name or your favorite players name and number on the locker.  My brother had Gretzky 99 on his and I had Therien 6 on mine.  I even have a Chris Therien stick that he used in a game.  Because of all of this, Chris Therien is my favorite Flyers defenseman of all time.

I also really like Therien as a radio commentator because he really speaks his mind, especially evident by his rant on Sidney Crosby during this years playoffs.

As you could expect I was thrilled to see Bundy reply to my tweet.  This now goes into memory of great professional sports moments in my life.  Others include when the Flyers retweeted me and when I caught a foul ball at a Phillies game last May.

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