Monday, January 7, 2013


Hockey is back and I couldn't be happier.

From what I hear, the league and players have agreed in principal to a 10 year CBA with an opt out option after the 8th year.  The salary cap will be the same 70.3 mil it was supposed to be this year.  However, it will lower to around 64 mil after the season.

A 64 million dollar salary cap may seem like a big decrease but actually, the cap was around 63 just a year ago.  To me, this means that big market teams will still have the power to make moves other teams simply can't, but it seems it will limit the amount of mega contracts given out (read: Weber, Suter, Parise, Crosby).  This definitely seems like a good idea as it doesn't limit what teams can do, but it tries to keep up league-wide competition.

To be honest, I don't know much else about how a CBA exactly works but I am just excited that Hockey is finally back! When I woke up and saw the text from ESPN I jumped out of bed, put on a Flyers t-shirt, my Richie jersey, a Flyers hat and ran around my house screaming about the news.

With the season set to start within a few weeks, hopefully I will be more motivated to write more.  I didn't feel the urge to write in the past while because I was annoyed by the lockout.  I hope that anyone that reads this blog enjoys it and I'll try to put some more stuff up soon.  I feel like I'll mostly be writing about hockey and the Flyers but I am a huge fan of all Philly sports and pro sports in general so I guess we'll see.

Thanks for reading.  Lets Go Flyers!!

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