Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Nike Unveils New Line of Football Jerseys

Since the contract between the NFL and Reebok is up, it's time for Nike to start making the uniforms the players wear on-field.  This has been a much anticipated move for a couple of years now.  Nike claims that their new uniforms are more comfortable and offer better movement, allowing players to be lighter and faster than before.  The jerseys are said to be 20-30% lighter than the former Reebok models even with some padding in the new equipment.

There weren't a whole lot of upgrades in terms of visuals.  The only team to get a major overhaul were the Seattle Seahawks.  Other teams have changed some things but the main design of the jerseys have remained the same.

Some people wanted completely new designs for all of the teams but I think that messes with the traditions of some of the teams.  For example, it would be devastating to Packers fans to see their team wear something other than the current jerseys, as they are so recognizable.

The Eagles received little change in their equipment.  Some people wanted Nike to take on a retro look and make the jerseys kelly green like they used to be.  While I think that would be awesome as an alternate jersey, I like keeping the modern midnight green look.  It gives the team an intimidating look.

When I see an official jersey in person, I will really think about picking one up.  I love collecting and wearing jerseys so this change is right up my alley.  I already have a Shady McCoy jersey, the real question is; who is next?

QB Mike Vick showing off the new jersey.  It's definitely fitting he is involved with this campaign, "Fast is Faster"

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  1. I gotta admit, The new jerseys looks no better than the stuff my highschool football team wore. Its just so...generic