Wednesday, April 11, 2012

I'm Going to the Phillies Game Tomorrow!!

I'm so excited to go to the Phillies game this Thursday.  I can't wait to be back in Citizens Bank Park, my favorite stadium of all time.

There are however, both positives and negatives about this game.  For one, Joe Blanton is pitching.  It's not that I dislike Big Joe, it's just that I'd much rather see one of the Ace's pitch.  Pitching for the Marlins will be Mark Buehrle, someone I don't really like.

About a year or so ago, Mark Buehrle expressed his hatred of Michael Vick, the Eagles quarterback.  This is certainly understandable, considering Vick's past.  Buehrle said in an interview that he watches Eagles games in the hope of seeing Mike Vick get injured because he deserves it.

To this I say grow up Mark Buehrle.  I understand that people have their opinions and they are entitled to them but don't say you want another athlete to get injured.  That's juvenile in my mind.  Buehrle can just as easily get injured and he shouldn't make fun of someone he doesn't like because I'm doing that right now.  Mark Buehrle is a jerk, he should just continue to pitch for the new Marlins and enjoy the crowds of 10,000 people that will be at their home games.

That being said, back to the actual game on Thursday.  While I don't love the pitching matchup, there are benefits of going to a game during the home opening series.  Thursday is going to be the first Hatfield Dollar Dog Night of the year! I understand the staff makes them hours in advance but if you get there early enough they aren't so bad, especially if you only have one or two.  I've seen people eat as many as 30 hot dogs at a single game, that doesn't sound like a good time at all.

The best part about going to the game, is watching the Phillies play!  Growing up just down the street from the complex, the Phillies were always a part of my life.  I have countless memories of the Phillies. I skipped school on Halloween 2008 so I could go to the World Series Parade.  I've been up to the 700 level of the Vet(The nosebleeds of all nosebleeds).  One game at the Vet years ago, we had a plastic bag full of snacks(allowed at the time).  At one point the wind blew the bag onto the field and where would it land? Right next to shortstop Jimmy Rollins, who put the bag in his back pocket.  I always thought that was cool.  I even caught a foul ball at a game last year(The pitch was thrown by Cole Hamels, my favorite pitcher on the team).

To summarize, I love the Fightin' Phils and love going to games.  The stadium makes for such an enjoyable experience for the whole family which I think is really cool.  I can't wait to go to the game on Thursday, hopefully the bats will liven up.


Note: I know I wasn't nice about Mark Buehrle, I just didn't like the way he handled that interview and now he has a bad reputation to me.

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  1. I went Monday night! Great game, too. The Phillies actually won -.- hahaha
    I love the stadium, its crazy hahaha