Sunday, March 18, 2012

Athletes on Twitter

Twitter is a great thing.  It allows anyone to interact with anyone, athletes included.  There are many Philadelphia athletes who tweet regularly and who interact with fans.  Here is a list of some of the more notable athletes on twitter.

@28CGiroux - Claude Giroux
@Hartsy19 - Scott Hartnell
@Simmonds17 - Wayne Simmonds
@RinaldoZac - Zac Rinaldo
@JVReemer21 - James vanRiemsdyk
@BryzGoalie30 - Ilya Bryzgalov
@BernieParent - Bernie Parent
@ShaneVictorino - Shane Victorino
@HunterPence3 - Hunter Pence
@ryanhoward - Ryan Howard
@thekidet - Evan Turner
@minofAI9 - Andre Iguodala
@MikeVick - Mike Vick

It is really cool to see the athletes in a more good natured setting.  It is always interesting to see different athletes from different sports talking to each other.  For example, one day Claude Giroux challenged Shane Victorino to a home run hitting/slap shot contest.

@BernieParent is a former Flyers goalie.  He is the greatest goalie in team history and is one of the teams best players of all time.  He supports a charity my Uncle founded called the Bethesda Project which helps homeless people in Philadelphia.  It is really awesome to see him tweet about what a great cause it is.

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